Roukma WooCommerce Store

Roukma, an emerging fashion & retail brand, sought to establish a strong online presence that not only resonated with their brand philosophy but also mirrored the aesthetic of renowned fashion brands.

About the Project

Design and develop an online fashion store that draws inspiration from Zara’s website, particularly the shop and product pages, while ensuring a unique identity for Roukma. The website should provide a seamless shopping experience, integrating the brand’s philosophy of joy and confidence through clothing.


  1. Drawing inspiration from Zara’s design while maintaining Roukma’s uniqueness.
  2. Custom development of all pages to ensure originality.
  3. Seamless integration with WooCommerce for efficient online shopping.


  1. Adopted design cues from Zara, especially in the shop page, individual product page, and footer, while preserving Roukma’s distinct brand identity.
  2. Utilized the flexibility of WordPress to build all pages from scratch, ensuring a tailored user experience.
  3. Integrated WooCommerce, providing users with a seamless journey from product selection to checkout.


  1. Delivered a website that, while inspired by Zara, stands out as uniquely Roukma’s.
  2. Ensured a smooth user experience with custom-built pages and WooCommerce integration.
  3. Received positive feedback from the client for aligning the design with their vision and brand identity.

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Client's Testimonial

I started my business in 2019 with a wordpress website and till now I was always having problems and things were never perfect in my wordpress, I have changed around 4 to 5 wordpress agencies and finally I found Click Worthy through a facebook group. And to be frank my post on the group was little rude but yeah i did that coz i was fed up with all irresponsible agencies who makes you pay in thousands without doing any big changes and taking around 2 months to work on it. Click Worthy Team entered and made things works better and everything in a short time. In less than 4 days, my website was running successfully and i was shocked to meet such a dedicated and frank team who really concentrate on the work more than just showing off how big developers they are. And I can assure you all, if you choose them then your website is in good hands and they'll find a way to make things work.

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