Shipping and Delivery

At Click Worthy, we specialize in providing digital services and solutions. As such, we do not ship or deliver physical products. Here’s how our delivery process works:

  1. Digital Delivery: All our services, solutions, and products are delivered electronically. This could be in the form of email, downloadable files, access to online platforms, or other digital means.

  2. Instant Access: Some of our services, like downloadable templates or software solutions, provide instant access upon purchase or payment confirmation.

  3. Timelines: For customized services or solutions, the delivery timeline will be communicated at the start of the project or upon purchase. We strive to adhere to these timelines diligently.

  4. No Shipping Fees: Since we don’t ship physical products, there are no shipping or handling fees associated with our services.

  5. Confirmation: Upon successful delivery of our digital services or products, clients will receive a confirmation email or notification.

  6. Support: If clients face any issues with accessing or using our digital products or services, our support team is always available to assist.

  7. Refunds: Given the digital nature of our services, refunds will be governed by our Refund Policy. We encourage clients to review this policy before making a purchase.

By using our services, clients acknowledge and agree to this Shipping and Delivery Policy. We reserve the right to change or update this policy at any time, and any changes will be effective immediately upon posting.

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